The E-Teacher Scholarship Program for the academic year 2013-2014

The Office of English Language Programs is now accepting applications to the E-Teacher Scholarship Program for the academic year 2013-2014. E-Teacher courses train Mexican English classroom teachers, teacher trainers and researchers in the latest methods of ELT via distance education. This year, nine different courses will be offered as per the list below; for course descriptions, please see the attached PDF file.


  • ·          Introduction to Pedagogy and Practices for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • ·          Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web
  • ·          Practical Applications in Language and Learning Skills (Only offered in the Winter term, January-March 2014)
  • ·          English for Specific Purposes: Aligning Context with Practices and Materials (for a definition of ESP, click here)
  • ·          Special Education and Differentiated Instruction in EFL Contexts
  • ·          Teaching English to Pre-Teens and Teens
  • ·          Teaching English to Young Learners between 5 and 12 years old (TEYL)
  • ·          Summative and Formative Assessment in Language Learning and Teaching
  • ·          Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching


Requirements for candidates

Candidates for E-Teacher must:

  • be Mexican citizens; foreigners and dual nationals (Mexican-American) are ineligible
  • be in-service teachers, teacher trainers or researchers who are working or plan to work with the subject area covered by the course
  • be willing to share their gained knowledge with colleagues through workshops, counseling, tutoring, courses, open classes, distance education or  professional presentations

English language skills:

  • ability to do academic work at the level of a U.S. university (an advanced level of reading and writing, roughly equivalent to a minimum TOEFL score of 525)
  • general understanding of technical terms in English relating to computers and the Internet
  • good command of the necessary vocabulary for the selected course

Computer fundamentals:

  • regular and dependable access to e-mail and the Internet
  • ability to navigate in Windows and create a Word document
  • basic familiarity with the Internet and web browsers
  • ability to type in English well enough to perform on-line tasks in real-time and to submit written assignments in a timely manner


  • participants must commit to spending 2 to 3 hours per day for a period of 10 weeks to successfully complete the course


What the scholarship includes

Tuition and materials will be paid for by the Office of English Language Programs in Washington, D.C. All materials will emphasize a learner-centered approach and will be in English. Course materials will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ·         downloadable or posted syllabi, assignments, and course readings;
  • ·         asynchronous and some synchronous contact between instructor and participants, between other experts and participants, and among participants;
  • ·         lectures via real-time, text, or audio-enhanced text;
  • ·         use of a bulletin board to post notes, assignments, feedback, etc.;
  • ·         information on additional web-based resources.


Time frame

E-Teacher nominations are submitted before the start of the academic year and scholarships are assigned to candidates from all over the world throughout the four terms in an academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer) depending on several factors, which may vary from one term to the next. Selected applicants for every session are usually contacted about four weeks prior to the start of the term. There is no way to know in advance in which of the four terms selected candidates will be taking the course.



Please bear in mind that we can only nominate one candidate per program, but we can also appoint up to three alternates. Thus, nominations will be rank-ordered to ensure that the strongest candidates have priority. In the last two years, Mexico has been able to secure at least one scholarship per course – and occasionally, up to three. The final decision to grant the scholarships is made by our main office in Washington, D.C. Due to the very limited seating available, we cannot guarantee that your application will actually result in a scholarship.

Also, because of the high demand and limited number of scholarships available, preference will be given to those who have not received a scholarship before and to E-Teacher graduates who have submitted evidence of having shared what they learned.


Deadline for applications

The deadline to submit applications is Monday, July 15, 2012.



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